Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wow...How Time Flies!!

Sorry for not posting for soooo long! I don't know how all of these other new parents blog with a toddler! They are obviously years younger than I =). Folks have been asking us to keep on blogging even though we are home so I'll do my best! Olivia is doing so well! She seems to feel right at home and, honestly, I know there must be a language barrier but I haven't really seen it! She pretty much understands whatever we are saying with a bit of hand motion. We are sure because there are times we tell her "no" and she "pretends" not to understand. You other moms know exactly what I mean.

She's a real character! She has the sweetest belly-laugh and finds joy in so many things. We had our first doctor visit last week---initial one with six shots. :( She did much better than I would have--both arms and both legs. This week was a blood draw---again she hardly cried and actually seemed to be interested in the line from her arm. Of course the stickers made it all worth it. Now we are awaiting an appt for her palate surgery consultation. Hopefully soon! She's a real drool-er! She sleeps well at night--all night from 8 until about 7am. Naps are a bit harder, but we're trying to get into some kind of routine---slowly but surely. Olivia has met Tyler, Alexa, Nana, her Aunt Linda and Uncle Doug. She will meet Nomi, Granddaddy, Zach and Kayla this weekend. Good thing she loves being the center of attention.