Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Wonderful Family!!!! I'm sitting here thinking it's time to update the blog with something! I'm not a very dedicated blogger...or my life is more boring than other bloggers or...well, anyway, Lauren told me to blog about my wonderful children : ).

I do have a wonderful family and very blessed! Yesterday was my birthday and I received calls from my "far-away" children---even talked to Tyler last week who called knowing he'd be on patrol and unaable to call this week. The home front was warmed by a delicious dinner, flowers and unexpected gifts!

Do you know what this is?

A mandolin!?!

I always talked about wanting to play a mandolin.

Josiah, being a musician, remembered that and blessed me with one! How great to know that my almost 19-year-old doesn't think his momma is too old to learn! I hope I can make him proud of my efforts : ). It is a beautiful instrument and has a lovely sound...well, at least it would from someone who really knows how to play! The girls gave me a book to learn the chords and Tom gave me flowers and lovely earrings! Thank you all for a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Virginia Tech....we are a proud family of VT graduates and lovers!

Tom's dad and mine
two sons, Zach and Tyler
two daughters-in-law, Aubrie and Monica
Tom's brother and his wife

We try to attend at least one football game each season.

But this Saturday's home game with Arkansas State was extra special. Not because Tech won...that's good. It was the Cadet Corps homecoming and, in honor of the day, our son Zachary and the rest of his crew from McGuire-Dix, were asked to do the military fly-over in their C-17. It was such an awesome sight to watch the plane above us (we had great seats for that---4 rows from the top) and to know our son was a pilot in that crew. How wonderful to hear the folks around cheering and saying great things about our men and women in service! We are so proud of him and grateful to all of our military for the work they do...seen and unseen!

On approach!

Over head!

At halftime on the big screen (second from left)!