Monday, November 9, 2009

Recovery and Get Well Wishes!!

Thank you to all the folks at JFCOM who have so richly blessed us! Olivia loves her giraffe and all of the wonderful things she received earlier in her "Welcome Home" box!

Olivia is doing great! Her nights are off still, but she is eating as well as can be expected with liquids only. She plays hard and expects us to as well! She left the hospital on Friday around noon with much pomp and circumstance. Waving and blowing kisses, she walked from her ward 4B all the way to the parking circle outside the entrance of PNH, I believe she was glad to go! We cannot say enough good things about the staff at Portsmouth and the quality of care was outstanding! We are so very grateful to our Heavenly Father for His provision and care! We truly believe that He chose Dr. Lim and Dr. Gessler to treat Olivia! We appreciate all of the prayers on her behalf and know that our merciful God hears and answers them! Thank you!

Happy Birthday times Three!!

With the celebration of Olivia's second birthday, we take this opportunity to also honor Alexa and Kayla! Alexa turned 20 in September and Kayla turned 25 last week! Our girls are growing up and so very beautiful! We were able to visit Alexa in October for Parent Weekend at Campbell...lots of fun! Kayla is far from us right now serving in the Middle East, but we get to talk often which is great! And Miss Olivia is on the road to recovery from her surgery last week and doing great! Enjoy a few pics! Sweet daughters, you are all so precious to us! Sorry we are still playing catch-up on the birthdays....

Parent Weekend with Alexa!

Alexa and Kayla this past summer!
Olivia's pre-birthday , pre-surgery celebration...more B-day pics coming from tonight's celebration! No cake though but plenty of ice cream...per Dr. Lim!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Operation Day

It is went amazingly well...she is tired, sore, confused and resting with some very strong pain killers--but her pallet is now closed, tubes are in her ears and now she is on her way to recovery in the ICU tonight, and probably at least another night on the regular ward. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS--God's amazing fingerprints have been all over this adoption journey and this chapter has been no exception.

Since we have been going on about 3.5 hours of sleep since 3:45 am...I will be brief. Showtime was 0500 at Portsmouth Naval Hospital... after paperwork, changing into her cute hospital gown and some waiting, we moved over the Recovery Ward where we met the surgical team at 0715--what a wonderful group of folks--she had a plastic surgeon for the Pallet work, an ENT surgeon for the ear tubes, two Anesthetists, a surgical nurse, and a resident. They started work around 0745 by doing the ear tubes first (20-30 mins) followed by the Pallet surgery (3 hours) and then an audiology test (1 hour). We were blessed by having the Nurse call us about every 90 mins or after each phase for an update. We were able to join her in the Pediatric ICU at about 1:30 pm. She was basically asleep until 4:00 pm although you could tell she was somewhat uncomfortable. Even when she was awake she appeared quite groggy and confused but definitely recognized her mother and appeared much more comfortable in her arms. From the pictures you might be able to tell that she has enough cables coming out of her to be a computer. She has a full-time dedicate nurse in the ICU, so they were able to convince Susie to come home for a few hours sleep...she will return at 0730. By tomorrow they hope for Olivia to start drinking fluids and have some soft foods.

ENT said that her ears were quite clogged up with a very thick fluid and based on her hearing test her hearing we be quite improved and will help her in her speech. So this wonderful journey continues and thank you for your love and support.

God Bless you all.