Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brie and Zach...Three Years and Counting

Hard to believe that three years have come and gone! We are grateful for a wonderful son and the gift of his beautiful wife! How amazing to witness the Lord's hand in uniting hearts! To one of the cutest couples we know, Happy Anniversary!! May God continue to bless your marriage with His presence and unconditional love. We love you very much, Mom and Dad

Sunday, May 24, 2009


We would like to salute all of those that have ever served in our Armed Forces, are serving, will serve, and those that have given their lives...also, we honor family and friends that have sacrificed their time and even personal goals that those they love might pursue the call to serve America by defending our freedoms!

May God continue to richly bless you all! With grateful hearts, we pray His loving protection will hem you in and draw you close to the One who loves you best!

"Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers him in times of trouble.

The LORD will protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes." Psalm 41:1-2

I'm especially honored to have a husband, two sons, a daughter, a son-in-law, a soon daughter-in-law, and a nephew who bravely serve! Thank you, my precious ones, and thank you to your very courageous spouses!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank you , Kayla!

Kayla, Phil and little Gus!

Kayla, we want you to know how very much we appreciate your designing our blog! We stand amazed at the creativity with which God has gifted our children! You have a very busy schedule, yet you found time for us! Thank you so very much! We love it!!

Our granddog, Gus!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Her room is ready!

Alexa did a fantastic and creative job with the beautiful mural on the wall! You'd have to be here to truly appreciate all of the hard work and detail she put into it! Actually there is a tone-on-tone cream gloss, white highlights and then a sage green detailing! Thanks, sweetie! You did a great job!

This bed just needs a sweet little head on the pillow!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


"Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant." Psalm 135:3

After much anticipation, the Walrond family is overjoyed to introduce our newest member...

Olivia Xin Rui
(about 9 months in this referral picture)

She was born November 9, 2007, in the Shaanxi Province and found the next day at the gate of the Social Welfare Institute of Hanzhong City. Her caretakers describe her as "having bright eyes and fair skin, with a sweet smile.....a lovable baby!" We agree! That sweet smile was once wider as she has a repaired cleft lip and a palate that will repaired once she is home. God in his infinite wisdom placed us in an area that is home to Operation Smile...Olivia will have great medical care! We look forward to welcoming her with arms opened wide! Our next hurdle is Travel Approval (TA) about a month!
Below are her other referral photos.

Within days of joining a Yahoo group of families that have adopted from the same orphanage, a wonderful woman who was traveling back for a second adoption offered to take photos for waiting families! We were thrilled! More recent pics are posted below...along with the great news that this orphanage is helped by Caring for China, a Christian organization that provides wonderful nurturing for those living there! We are forever grateful that Olivia has already been learning about her Heavenly Father and His love!

(about 12 months old)

(April, 2009 with her favorite Ayi)

(April, 2009)

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Please begin to pray that God would prepare our hearts and hers for our meeting! Thanks to all for your prayers!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


To become a real boy you must prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish. -- From "Pinnochio"

It's hard to believe Zachary is 26 today! Zach, you have blessed your family in more ways then you'll ever truly know! You have an infectious, God-given zest for life that those around you cannot help but catch. You genuinely care for others and go out of your way to make them feel special. You encourage, empathize, and, most of all, love unconditionally! May God continue to give you favor as you follow Him! You are a "real boy"!!

We are grateful to the Lord for allowing us to be your parents---We love you very much!

"Surely you have granted him eternal blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence." Psalm 21:6

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Seventy-nine years ago, your legacy began.

It is through your humility that I’ve learned the meaning of honor.

Your fun-loving ways have shown me that the serious side of life needs the balance of humor.

I’m motivated to value others by your kindness and selfless ways.

Your tenacity in the face of adversity gives me strength.

By pressing forward with perseverance, I am filled with hope.

However, it is in your child-like faith and unconditional love that I am reminded that I not only have an amazing father but, I have the privilege to have one that ever points me by example toward my Heavenly Father………….

Thanks, Dad! It is in your following God, you lead me!

The Lord has used everything in your life to mold you into the father I needed…and I am eternally grateful!

"But from everlasting to everlasting
the LORD's love is with those who fear him,
and his righteousness with their children's children-

with those who keep his covenant
and remember to obey his precepts." Psalm 103:17-18

I love you, Dad!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Glory of God

I was struck by today's sermon---"Glory Shining--Connecting Christ's Death and Resurrection to Everyday Life". How very hard it is to wrap my arms around the definition of God's glory. It is so grand, so huge, so wonderful. Words fail me. Yet, it is all that God is and what I should reflect. Both to Him and to others around me. If my identity is in Christ, I glorify God. If my refuge is in Him, I reflect His glory. When, I am squeezed with affliction, confused in the moment, persecuted, or knocked down---God is glorified when I do not lose heart. I will choose to remember:
affliction is confined to earth
though it appears the battle is being lost, Christ has won the war
I'm never alone
I may be down but I'm not knocked out.

Because of the work of Christ, I am hidden in Him---my weaknesses are beneath the cloak
of His righteousness! Glory to God!

Thanks for the great reminder, Dr. Dan!

" How happy would you be if your hearts were but persuaded to close with Jesus Christ! Then you would be out of all danger: whatever storms and tempests were without, you might rest securely within; you might hear the rushing of the wind, and the thunder roar abroad, while you are safe in this hiding place. O be persuaded to hide yourself in Christ Jesus."
Jonathan Edwards

May you find your rest in Christ today!