Thursday, June 25, 2009

Travel is set!!

Our whirlwind adventures are about to begin! Our much anticipated last document arrived miraculously yesterday and we have a Consulate Appointment on 20 July! The travel plans began!! Our family will take off for Nashville and Camp Electric tomorrow and on to the Cherokee mission in NC. Nancy is holding down the fort here and will host visitors. We will leave the mission mid-week for home with a day and a half turn around. Then we will be off to get our girl!!! Cherokee mission is more than paid for through sweat equity and the generosity of many! God is still providing the funds for China---but He is a really big God and always provides the means when we follow His lead!

Our biggest disappointment is that we've decided that Lauren should stay behind. Although she is disappointed (heart-broken, really), she understands! Tom says he feels we would be "reckless parents"to ignore the newest travel alert from the CDC. Because of the swine flu, Chinese officials are coming on arriving planes to check temps etc and quarantining anyone who has an elevated temp or shows symptoms. Also folks in close proximity to sick ones will be quarantined---even if it means separating children from parents! Didn't want to risk that!
So.....BIG prayer request: Not only our continued health during travel but also the health of all of those around us! I told you it was big but God is certainly able! Thanks to all of you in advance! I'll try to update the blog as we travel about next week! Itinerary coming soon!


  1. Susie, I am glad to hear you will be in our group. I was wondering, as I checked our new travel chat group and didn't see your name yet. By the way, we would have made the same decision had we been planning on taking our kids. But I feel for Lauren's disappointment.

  2. I can't wait to meet you in Guangzhou!
    AWAA Travel Group 148a