Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another hurdle!

As home schooling parents, it never ceases to amaze us how God gives us the grace to see our children grow and learn....most of the time, in spite of us! Our fifth child has completed the high school milestone....Josiah has graduated!!

What a wonderful and godly young man Josiah has become. He has big plans for business, music and ministry! We cannot wait to see how God will direct his life! We love you and are so proud to call you son!

We celebrated in the usual Walrond fashion. Preferably the night before graduation, we have a men's (or women's for the girls) dinner where guests give words of encouragement and wisdom to the graduate, share a meal, pray and take communion. The next day we have a ceremony beginning with a powerpoint music video of each of their lives. It is always so much fun to relive those memories!! Then Tom, the new graduate and I speak before family and friends who honor us with their presence. To conclude, we present the diploma and family ring. Then we feast!!! Most of our ideas are gleaned from the book Raising a Modern Day Night....very good!

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