Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Surgery went well! We checked in about 6:15, saw all of the specialists and they took her back about 8:45. She went willingly...of course, the anesthesiologist gave her his stethoscope and the other made her a rooster out of a blue surgical glove. Her old tubes were removed and new ones placed first. Then the lip work began. They were calling us back about 1:00 because she was waking up and NOT happy. She was wanting us and calmed down once we were there with her. I have to say, she was very swollen! Still is today, but we do see improvement. She doesn't seem too sore and is pretty good about leaving the wound alone. I'll upload a photo soon for those who are not faint of does look uncomfortable! Don't be fooled though, our little rough and tumble girl has been on the move!! And I thought we were getting a little "girlie-girl"...hmmm. Anyway, we are trying to keep her from jumping off of too many chairs and slow the running to at least a jog : )! Oh to have that energy!!! Thanks for all of your prayers!!

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