Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Wonderful Family!!!! I'm sitting here thinking it's time to update the blog with something! I'm not a very dedicated blogger...or my life is more boring than other bloggers or...well, anyway, Lauren told me to blog about my wonderful children : ).

I do have a wonderful family and very blessed! Yesterday was my birthday and I received calls from my "far-away" children---even talked to Tyler last week who called knowing he'd be on patrol and unaable to call this week. The home front was warmed by a delicious dinner, flowers and unexpected gifts!

Do you know what this is?

A mandolin!?!

I always talked about wanting to play a mandolin.

Josiah, being a musician, remembered that and blessed me with one! How great to know that my almost 19-year-old doesn't think his momma is too old to learn! I hope I can make him proud of my efforts : ). It is a beautiful instrument and has a lovely sound...well, at least it would from someone who really knows how to play! The girls gave me a book to learn the chords and Tom gave me flowers and lovely earrings! Thank you all for a blessed day!

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