Thursday, June 14, 2012


While we knew that bringing Shane into our family would mean hospital stays, we just didn't plan on so many stays in less than 3 months!  Five to be exact!  Yes, we are naive, I guess...thank you, this case.  Otherwise we might have reasoned our way out of this very big blessing!  Shane is just such a wonderful little guy and we are so pleased the Lord gave us favor to call him our son.

Last Wednesday when we finished our bathtime, I noticed Shane was shivering more than usual....a fever!  Yuck!  Any fever over 101 is problematic with a central line in place.  Could mean a line infection which is very dangerous.  On the other hand, it could just be a "normal" fever where you just never find the cause.  Can't take chances though so off to the ER we went.  Tom, of course, was out of town.  Thank the Lord for my older kids who can run the house and take care of Olivia while I was away.  Shane got echoed, xrayed, cultured....honestly, this little man ought to glow by now! We were admitted and stayed until Saturday.  No positives...yay!! Just a fever!

However, this caused us to make a difficult choice.  No Nashville trip for Olivia, Shane and I.  Boo Hoo. I had high hopes for this trip!  We were to see our son, Tyler, and his wife, Monica!!  I would have seen the Belmont campus where Josiah will be attending in August. And the rare opportunity to meet an adoption friend and maybe be with her/pray on the person... for her daughter's surgical procedure! Hrumph!  I chose to stay back to get that ol' PICC line pulled on schedule.  Next fever will be a dose of Tylenol!!!! and watch!!

Wednesday the line was pulled and now Shane is free!!!  Baths and pool time!! Yay!!  Still waiting on a call from Boston...they were waiting until he was off antibiotocs and out of endocarditis risk!  Hope to know more soon!!

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