Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Glory of God

I was struck by today's sermon---"Glory Shining--Connecting Christ's Death and Resurrection to Everyday Life". How very hard it is to wrap my arms around the definition of God's glory. It is so grand, so huge, so wonderful. Words fail me. Yet, it is all that God is and what I should reflect. Both to Him and to others around me. If my identity is in Christ, I glorify God. If my refuge is in Him, I reflect His glory. When, I am squeezed with affliction, confused in the moment, persecuted, or knocked down---God is glorified when I do not lose heart. I will choose to remember:
affliction is confined to earth
though it appears the battle is being lost, Christ has won the war
I'm never alone
I may be down but I'm not knocked out.

Because of the work of Christ, I am hidden in Him---my weaknesses are beneath the cloak
of His righteousness! Glory to God!

Thanks for the great reminder, Dr. Dan!

" How happy would you be if your hearts were but persuaded to close with Jesus Christ! Then you would be out of all danger: whatever storms and tempests were without, you might rest securely within; you might hear the rushing of the wind, and the thunder roar abroad, while you are safe in this hiding place. O be persuaded to hide yourself in Christ Jesus."
Jonathan Edwards

May you find your rest in Christ today!

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