Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday times Three!!

With the celebration of Olivia's second birthday, we take this opportunity to also honor Alexa and Kayla! Alexa turned 20 in September and Kayla turned 25 last week! Our girls are growing up and so very beautiful! We were able to visit Alexa in October for Parent Weekend at Campbell...lots of fun! Kayla is far from us right now serving in the Middle East, but we get to talk often which is great! And Miss Olivia is on the road to recovery from her surgery last week and doing great! Enjoy a few pics! Sweet daughters, you are all so precious to us! Sorry we are still playing catch-up on the birthdays....

Parent Weekend with Alexa!

Alexa and Kayla this past summer!
Olivia's pre-birthday , pre-surgery celebration...more B-day pics coming from tonight's celebration! No cake though but plenty of ice cream...per Dr. Lim!

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  1. What a beautiful family! I saw your blog on the AWAA Waiting Child group. We are with AWAA, LID 11-22-06, and are planning on applying to the Waiting Child program. We also have grown children, so it was nice seeing another family that is "starting over"!