Monday, November 9, 2009

Recovery and Get Well Wishes!!

Thank you to all the folks at JFCOM who have so richly blessed us! Olivia loves her giraffe and all of the wonderful things she received earlier in her "Welcome Home" box!

Olivia is doing great! Her nights are off still, but she is eating as well as can be expected with liquids only. She plays hard and expects us to as well! She left the hospital on Friday around noon with much pomp and circumstance. Waving and blowing kisses, she walked from her ward 4B all the way to the parking circle outside the entrance of PNH, I believe she was glad to go! We cannot say enough good things about the staff at Portsmouth and the quality of care was outstanding! We are so very grateful to our Heavenly Father for His provision and care! We truly believe that He chose Dr. Lim and Dr. Gessler to treat Olivia! We appreciate all of the prayers on her behalf and know that our merciful God hears and answers them! Thank you!

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  1. Yeah God! I'm so glad to see that Olivia is doing well!

    And what a sweet birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Olivia!!!