Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Months is Too Long...

We've just celebrated Olivia's 6 month mark being home with us. The time has certainly flown by and much has happened. She healed very well from her surgery and the soft diet didn't seem too hard for her, thankfully. Thanksgiving was very memorable! Time at Granddaddy and Nomi's house in SC---Tyler, aunts, uncles, nephew, niece, Nana--so wonderful! Little did we know that in two weeks my father would be home with the Lord. Those memories are all the more precious. I very much wanted Olivia's grandfather to have more time with her. Yet it is amazing that in the two nice visits she had with him, he made such a lasting impression on her. She just last week carried his photograph around --kissing it over and over.

You know the Third Day song "I Wish You Merry Christmas"? Well, I so looked forward to this Christmas with Olivia finally home! It was wonderful but also difficult for all of us with Granddaddy gone. How do folks do it without the hope of life everlasting and full of glory?! First Christmas with Olivia, first Christmas without my dad. Bittersweet!

We were honored to have my mom with us for the holidays. I have seen a strength in my mom that I only wish I had---she is humble, trusting, and so brave. Christmas Eve would have been my parents 59th anniversary! What a legacy!

The new year came on strong. Olivia has speech therapy every Wednesday in our home---courtesy of Chesapeake County and we are so happy. Stephanie is great with Olivia, and Olivia looks forward to her visits.

I'll finish with a huge thank you to the Lord for all of His rich blessings!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad...a bittersweet Christmas indeed. Olivia looks very happy and healthy!! Love the Elmo slippers under the princess dress!!!