Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ocean Breeze Fun!

So we made a trip...Olivia's the local water park. There was a great children's area with a pirate's theme. Perfect for Olivia...though she likes princess stuff, she prefers anything to do with pirates, ninjas, soldiers, superheroes, policeman, firefighters....not really sure where she gets this stuff. We don't watch all that many movies. Maybe WordWorld? Anyway, as we walked around the park after doing the "kiddie" area, I asked Olivia what she'd like to do next. She points to a slide that has about a 10-12' drop. No way, i think, she'll chicken out at the top! Maybe she's too little and they won't let her go?!!? Well.......

They did let her go!

Don't let that face fool you!! We went back again and again!! Yep, she loves adventure!! After she climbed out she proclaimed " I so brave, Mommy!"


  1. Great picture and that drop does look a bit scary.