Thursday, August 18, 2011


Okay...Olivia says some of the funniest things and if I don't write them down I am afraid I'll forget them!

So we are on our way to the pool....

Olivia: "I'm going to kill Goliath with my sling and a rock!"

Mom: " David already did that. David killed Goliath."

Olivia: "Why is David brave?"

Mom: "God made him strong and David trusted God to protect him."


Olivia: "I want a sling for my happy birthday."

Mom: "That would be very dangerous."

Olivia: " I won't throw rocks in it. I promise!"

Mom: "Well, you might forget. How about a sweet, pretty baby doll?"

****another pause****

Olivia: "How about a nice sword? a ...tend sword?"

Oh my... : )

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