Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Immeasurably More….

Over the next few days, I would like to share how God has miraculously blessed our family while preparing us to meet our new son! We hope you will be blessed in knowing how very much our Heavenly Father loves you and I... to tend to the intricate details of our lives that He might be glorified!

Earlier this month, an adoptive family that we met over the bloggy-world and became friends with just returned from bringing home their precious little girl. This was their fourth adoption and sixth child. This mother was the one who “introduced” us---if you will---to Shane. You see, her oldest daughter was in the same orphanage as Shane and also has a special heart so she felt compelled to advocate for him. Over the next few weeks, she and her husband were very gracious to answer our many questions and hold us in prayer as we listened for God’s direction. They were also the first to rejoice with us at our decision to bring Shane into our family!

While they were in Ch*na, they were taking their children back to their respective provinces to visit, hopefully receive pieces to their past, and gain some understanding of who they were and are. It was just before that trip that we began to share with each other about the possibilities of seeing our little boy should they visit the CWI. To completely understand the impossibility in the natural of this happening, would take understanding the place where he is and the people that serve there. Let’s just say, it’s a difficult place with a complex infrastructure…

Anyway, my new friend and I agreed to pray HARD for their visit…for answers for their daughter and a “sighting” of Shane. I'm not sure either of us were prepared for the answer we received. We serve a great, big God and He showed up in a very big way for both of us : ).

Here are some pieces of what she sent to us:

“…And there he was Susie! He was sitting on the floor and it was interesting b/c a lot of the children started getting excited when they saw us …[the director] went to the door and called him and he immediately got up. So he knows his name for sure. They call him by his middle name, doubled. Almost sounded like So-So but with more of a Z mixed with the S. A hard initial sound…

Anyway, he comes over…I was finally able to talk to him and I told him you all were coming soon. He did look sad and soulful to us. I know this is going to sound strange, but it is almost like he knew…

On his health, I looked really intently at his fingertips, and they looked GREAT!!! They were not clubbed or blue. AT ALL….His lips looked pinker than I expected they would. It did seem to me like his breathing was a wee bit labored. Kind of faster than we might breathe, but he did not look like he was in distress. He was walking really well and steady…

He let me hug him and just was the sweetest little thing. …I KNOW that her allowing us to see him and calling him out of the room so I could touch him and hold him is VERY RARE…He looks just like the photo you have except his hair is longer.

She did ask me when are you all coming and I told her you are waiting on the Chinese paperwork at the moment. She said, "Oh, hopefully soon." I told her once that is sent, you will travel in 4-6 weeks. She said they are very happy he has a family, and they just found out a few days ago.

I am just so thankful it worked out for us to see him and touch him and hold him and tell him you are on the way…”

I know there is no way to thank this family for allowing God to use them and direct them as He did...but we are so grateful! We were blessed beyond measure to have all of these wonderful updates! AND to know our friend actually got to hold him and whisper that we would be there soon!!! Not too many days until we will have him in our arms : )

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

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    We serve an immeasurable God! He cannot be contained! AMEN!