Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Our I800 was overnighted to NVC this past Thursday and then cabled to Guangzhou on Friday : ) !!

Now just "knocking" on the doors of NVC to get an email copy to me ASAP!!

Why is that so difficult?!?


  1. Did you get an email from the NVC stating your file had been cabled? It is essentially the same as the emailed letter. We were promised the letter multiple times, our Congresswoman's office even called, AW called and they refused to email it.

    AW was able though to submit our Article 5 with the email I got which stated our file had been sent successfully to GUZ. Might be worth a try.

    I am certain your Article 5 will be issued in a day or two. Then if your TA is issued in a few days ... you are getting so close now!

  2. Hey Leslie...we were doing great but the NVC didn't put Shane's complete name so they are "fixing" it! We are so close now...yay! I so wish we had been able to travel with you all! But your trip was amazing to follow! Thanks for everything!