Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Summer Pics...and an Update

This summer has been filled with waiting and vvisits and waiting and preparing and waiting....

We visited family in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.  We packed up Lauren for Africa and are now preparing to pack Josiah for Belmont.  And we are still waiting official word about Shane's surgery.  As of Monday, our paperwork is in the final stages of approval at Boston Children's Hospital(BCH).  It is looking like the end of August.  All of us hoped that this would happen during the summer...ease with the school year activities.  However, we are confident that the Lord knows best!  Will update you all with concrete plans as soon as we have them!  Any suggestions for travel/hospitalization long distance with/from family would be greatly appreciated :)

We are sad for the loss of Grandma, but praising God for Grandma and 
Granddaddy choosing a relationship with Christ late in life!  Granddaddy is adjusting and doing well at 91!  He hears better than I do, I think!

Shane cooling off in our little wading pool.

A personal tour of the fire department with big brother Phil!  Nice to have a fire fighter in the family!

     Fourth of July funny faces!

 My mom, Nomi, with Josiah! And some beach fun at Pawleys!

Olivia's summer recital pics!!

A stop at Alexa's for a sleepover to see her cute much character!!

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