Saturday, July 28, 2012

Surgery Date

We got the call from Boston Children's Hospital on Friday!  We truly believe this is Shane's absolute best for a great outcome and are blessed to find out that BCH's Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery Department has been nationally-ranked #1 three years in a row...this brings some peace to a inexperienced "heart" mom. Shane's surgery is scheduled for September 7th with us arriving a week before for a pre-op work-up and a heart cath/MRI on September 4th.  We are very grateful for these four months Shane has had to adjust and pray that our time in Boston will be as short as possible : ).  Trusting the Lord to prepare us all, impart His wisdom to the staff at BCH as they formulate a plan of action, and continue to heal our little guy!  Thank you in advance for your prayers as this day approaches and we plan logistics for our family at home. 


  1. Wonderful news Susie! I mean, I know you like me would rather not have to go through this with Shane, but OTOH I say "let's get this show on the road! *literally in your case!*

    I am going now to put it on my calendar: Shane Sept. 7

    We go back on Aug. 29 to find out what our next step is: well we know it is surgery but when is the big question? I am hoping for sooner in all honesty b/c going through winter with a weak heart really scares me.

    Well, I gotta get our little bit off to bed. She is a night owl. Oy.

    Hugs and Prayers!

    1. Thanks, Leslie...yes...let's get this show on the road! Literally! That part is very hard. Leaving family behind and not having Daddy around for "reinforcement" breaks!

      Praying for Sallie and your family as her big day approaches!