Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Years and So Much Joy!

Our sweet Olivia has been home with us for three of July 22!  We celebrated as she wanted with broccoli, corn on the cob and chicken.   She was given her choice of dessert as well.  She chose S'mores in the backyard....hers, however, never made it to the crackers and chocolate : )

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  1. Loving all of the updates!

    Praying for that confirmed surgery date. I can relate in a way except our window at the moment is from Sept. to Spring? We have an appt. on August 15 to check her sats. If they are "in the 80s, we may have to rethink waiting until Spring." (per cardio dr.). I don't really want to wait, but he pointed out several reasons to wait. So hard to trust God, but He made them and He knows best!!!

    As for coming to Belmont, you better bring my #. I'll email you my cell # just in case you are ever "in the area"!

    Loved the updates on your girls in Africa and Olivia--3 years--wow!

    Thanks for updating. I always read when you post updates!

    Hugs and Prayers, Leslie