Friday, August 24, 2012

Dental Visit

Wish I had taken a picture but no!  Shane and Olivia had a dental visit...Shane's first.  Dr. B is amazing and so wonderful with children taking time with them.  He seems like he really loves his job!

Anyway, Shane just got a "look and see".  Possible braces later...normal.   Grayish teeth...not normal.  Most likely lots of antibiotics and other meds in China.  Of course, China only hinted at that but I'm thinking they might give that sort of stuff liberally.

On to the Olivia quote of the day.

Dr. B:  "Olivia, you have a small cavity."
Olivia: "Where?"
Dr. B:  "See this dark spot between these two molars? It's small."
Olivia:   ( woefully looking over at me) " I guess I missed a spot."  ; o )

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