Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Special Day

Under the crunch time of leaving in 5 days for college, Josiah wanted to be baptized.  His desire was to be immersed and due to various reasons, it looked as if it would not happen before going to school.  Now, Josiah has wanted to be baptized for a while and without going into all of the reasons why it hadn't happened up until now, he was READY.  

In short, the pastor we had while living in Northern Virginia had moved to church near us and was available this past Sunday.  Thanks, Mark!!  We had a nice quiet service at the beach and then celebrated with frozen yogurt!  A great time!!!  Here are a few pics and a funny Olivia-ism to follow...

Over breakfast, I was explaining to Olivia that we would be celebrating Josiah's baptism in the afternoon. She listened carefully as I explained about baptism---that once we have yielded our lives to Christ and made Him Lord then we are baptised as a sign of our choosing to follow Him.  We are symbolically "burying" our sinful nature and being "raised up" to new life in Christ.  I tried to carefully show her the comparison of going under the water and coming up as burying and raising.  She seemed to understand and was satisfied.

Fast forward to the afternoon following Josiah's baptism.

A bit disappointed, Olivia carefully examines Josiah as he emerges from the surf and says, " You don't look any different to me.  I thought you were going to get a new body."  

....Hmmm. Maybe we still need to go over this a few more times  ; )!

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  1. I can't stop laughing at this story of olivia!!! How sweet! -- love you! Kayla