Saturday, March 17, 2012

Highlight of the Day!

Our sleep was a bit better last night, thankfully. We got about 6 or 7 hours of sleep which was good considering the time change! hopefully by tomorrow night we'll be mostly caught up. We want to be rested by Monday : ).


Today was cold and foggy. Actually, one family from our group was flying in last night and got diverted to Shanghai and are still there. Hopefully they will make it by tomorrow! another family's suitcases were lost and still have not shown up : (. They are making the best of it. even with the cold and fog, we went to the Forbidden City, Tiannemen Square, Summer Palace( felt more like Winter Palace), and Pearl, Silk and Tea Factories. So foggy we couldn't even see the Olympic Bird's Nest or Cube from across the street! BUT the highlight of our day was spending time with Uncle Jerry! We had not seen him in almost ten years and he hasn't changed a bit!


Tomorrow we will be going to church and the Great Wall. Tomorrow night we'll have a famous Peking Duck dinner and then back to pack up for our trip to Yunnan!


Thanks Lauren for all of the updates on the home front ! Sounds exciting...keep up the good work holding down the fort and taking charge!


....and thank you, Simona, for Olivia's awesome day out on Friday! She talked non-stop about her adventures ;D.


Keep praying for our little guy as the hours draw closer to our meeting!





  1. Thanks for the updates! Glad you all are doing well! Love you and praying for the little man :) - Kayla and Phil

  2. Glad to hear your updates. What an adventure! Praying for you all.
    Mark and Shary