Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Place to Sleep

Their room is ready! Yes, while they are so small, Olivia and Shane will share a room---hence the red gingham curtains to tie a girlie-side of the room with choo-choo trains! I think it works for now... Of course, we have the travel bed in our room for when we get back home as Shane may be a bit confused---better for attachment, too.

***Disclaimer: Tom is making a closet organizer for their room so stuff is currently a bit chaotic in their room with a dresser in the middle of the floor, Nana is in Olivia's bed, Nomi is in in the guest room, Olivia's trundle is in our floor for Olivia since the "littles" room is occupied, Lauren and Josiah have decided that this weekend is perfect for cleaning out their rooms so the entire upstairs has their stuff all over it!!!!. Their rooms look amazing though : ). Our room is worse---trying to decide how to pack : /. This is life while we are China-bound!!! I said the "littles" room is ready but you need the whole story to get the accurate picture!