Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Journey Home Begins Tomorrow (28 Mar 2012)

Well our wait is over. Today we traveled to the US consulate, took our oath, signed the paperwork, and tomorrow they will give us Shane's Visa. By 5 pm Thursday we will be on a bus to Hong Kong to stay at a hotel at the airport. And at 11:15 am Friday, we will start our 24 hour journey home. When we touch down in Chicago and pass through Customs & Immigration Service, Shane will be officially an American citizen and will begin his new life in America.

Over the last two days we have visited parks, the play ground and the pool. We have had the opportunity to share dinner/lunch with 3 wonderful families who I know will become life long friends.

Ready to visit the Consulate

I apologize for the brevity of this entry, but we are a little bit tired and thought it better for now to just share some pictures of our wonderful adventures. Shane is progressing well. Each day we see him become just a little bit more comfortable with his new parents. He has a kind spirit, a wonderful laugh and a bright smile. He loves to organize things...almost to the point that we have trouble finding the things that he has decided to put away for us. He seems to be walking better...still a little bit wobbly, but at times he is walking pretty fast. He loves steps...a little bit scary to watch and he requires a lot of supervision while he practices. But this is great exercise. He also loves the pool. They only have a full size pool at this hotel, but he loves to be carried around and to splash us all. The splashing has carried over to his bath time...Susie now gets a shower during his bath. Still working out the diet...besides watermelon and apples, he loves bananas. I just watched him polish off a whole one before bedtime. Which is also funny. He is a light eater in the morning, starts grazing about 10 am and seems to peak right at bedtime. We can't wait to bring him home. We miss our family and friends and can't wait to be back home so you can meet the newest member of our family.




  1. It has been so exciting to hear all your adventures and begin to know Shane a little bit, even if only from pictures and descriptions. We are so delighted to welcome him into the family! Love you all so much!

  2. Congratulations! He is so precious! Many prayers coming your way.

  3. We're headed out of town tomorrow (Thursday) but will be back on Saturday....please, please let us know if we can do anything to ease your transition!

    Still praying!
    Sonja for the Srays