Sunday, March 18, 2012

One More Day-Snow in Beijing!

Tomorrow we fly to Kunming to finally be united with our little one. We are very anxious and excited and ready to really get this journey started. Please continue to keep us in your prayers...that our travels will be painless and issue free, that we will easily connect with our guide, and more importantly that our first meeting with our little one will go well for all.

Today was another busy day but started well--it snowed about 2 inches...enough to make everything beautiful. We first attended the church service at the Beijing International Christian Fellowship....what a great service and an excellent way to get ourselves refocused. From there we visited a jade shop and then on to the Great Wall, and finally a quick stop at the Olympic Village for pictures of the Birds Nest and other facilities. And along the way they fed us twice! I think we would have been happy with just the one meal...very generous portions. Well it is really late-only 3 hours before we get ready to leave-so we will sign off till tomorrow.


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