Friday, May 11, 2012

A Better Day : )

So the surgery went really well! The doc said everything was pretty straight forward as far as hernias go and she was also able to "snip" as well. Shane was in a good deal of pain in the afternoon and had tRouble finding a comfortable position. However, Tom came in the evening to trade off and take the night shift. Shane fell asleep in the evening after more Tylenol and also something for nausea. He had trouble keeping stuff down for a few hours after surgery and didn't want to eat or drink--- we asked for the anti-nauseant and Tylenol since we were unsure exactly what was bothering him most. both seemed to work and after sleeping a couple hours in the evening, he ate and drank beautifully, slept well last night and feeling pretty much himself this morning. Olivia and I Re here with him until DISCHARGE about noon! Yay! we feel like this is a big hurdle we've jumped. Praying he continues to heal well and no complications. He has no restrictions cuz they say kids are good about self-limiting! Not like adults who usually do too much! So headed home soon: )!


  1. So glad it went well and that is done. Bless him!

    Hoping the weekend went well and Happy Mother's Day to a Momma of many including your newest little guy!


    1. Hope yours was great as well!! Don't know if you saw my reply to your last comment....Josiah will be attending Belmont in August : ) so we will have the opportunity to meet : )))))))