Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Man!...and surgery...

With hernia surgery looming and scheduled for his birthday :(, Shane celebrated Wednesday night. We ordered Chinese take-out. Lauren made her fabulous Banana cupcakes and mom made homemade vanilla frozen yogurt...."yummy" was Shane's response!! He was right! He opened his presents with a bit of coaxing from Olivia...he actually had no idea what to expect and why paper was all over the boxes. It was fun to witness. He got a Playmobil Zoo set which was perfect as we went to the zoo on our hiatus from hospital visits. He also got a big fire truck with Billy Blazes that "shoots" water bombs(?). Wonder what Firefighter Phil (his brother) thinks of that...hmmm? Olivia loved it but, of course, the water weapons were the draw! As we left this morning for the hospital, her dad asked if she wanted to ride along. "No, I'm going to have some breakfast. Can I play with Shane's fire truck?" Okay...priorities of a four-year-old! I am currently at the hospital waiting as Shane has his hernia repair. He did much better than I expected this morning as we checked in. The staff here noticed it was his birthday and gave him a present! A big car from The Cars ovie---he loved it! Pastor David was already here when We arrived, ready to encourage and pray with us! We so appreciate our wonderful church family for their sincere and caring help for our family. Friends too have been great! Making sure we are not overwhelmed in the process. I t so amazing to us...we knew what(well, sort of) we were getting into adopting Shane. However, no one has given us even a hint of "you asked for it" attitude--- not sure why we feel like they ought to but everyone---absolutely everyone---has been so very supportive! And we are so very grateful! Please continue to pray for our little guy. The surgeon was not sure she would tackle both sides of the hernias today ---concern about too much pressure on the other internal parts at once---or the circumcision---not sure it is critical at this point. Of course, this mom's heart is wanting as few procedures as possible as long as it is in his best interest. Update on that to follow later today...and birthday pictures!

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