Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heart Cath and Prayers for the Week

Shane came through the heart cath like a champ! The doctors and staf are fabulous---thoughtful and caring.  Although we don't know definitively the results as they will be interpreted by the cardiac sureons, we have both good news and not-so-good news.  The good news we really had known but is confirmed that Shane has his pulmonary arteries---lt and rt.  They ay're in basically the correct position aqn connected.  However, because of his age and the very low pressure in his lungs, there is possibly damage.  Won't know how much, etc until his surgery how this will affect him.  His collaterals are short and wide open---good for him now---not so good necessarily in the repair.  Much better is these vessels had been long, narrow and even coiled.  This creates the needed resistance to pressurize the lungs---at least, I think it is something like that with my limited knowledge about heart anatomy/issues.  We are learning quickly!  Short answer...this can possibly result in pulmonary hypertension which can be difficult to control. I am clinging to one thing in particular that the cath surgeon said. "This does NOT mean that Shane will respond with PH once repaired. I've seen cases where this doesn't happen. It could go either way."  Now you know our prayers are definitely along those lines.

In the near term, we are"stuck" at CHKD. After Shane's cath, it was decided that we would remain admitted for hernia repair on Wednesday. Of course today he is running a fever : (.
We were told that it is common to run a fever after a cath but don't know if it will affect surgery. 

 Our prayers of urgency: Fever to go away
                                             Hernia repair to proceed with ease of recovery
                                             That the surgery time will be early...we were told since he is an   add-on it will likely be late afternoon--how do you tell a 2 y/o no food all day...hmmmm

Oh, also prayers for a sweet little boy who was in the room with Shane over the weekend. He has sickle-cell anemia and getting transfusions and iron chelation.  He was one of the most thoughtful 8 y/o I've ever met.  Asked many questions about Shane and adoption...gave Shane a juice box and even a picture he colored when we left : )!  

Thanks everyone!!  Update to follow soon!


  1. Oh Susie! I know you must be so weary with the needed surgery so soon, but I am so thankful you are there with him and that he can get this hernia taken care of with you all by his side.

    I don't understand all of the heart stuff b/c we've never dealt with collaterals but baby girl has quite a few ... so I have a feeling we'll be learning as we go when she has her heart cath on June 15. Sigh. So ready and yet so not ready at the same time.

    His hospital roommate sounds like the sweetest kid. Wow. I hope you were able to share with his parents knew how kind he was. And look at Shane all smiles even going back for the cath.

    Praying for you all. Update as you can. Hugs!

  2. Good morning Susie,

    Thanks so much for the update! Know that you are all in our prayers! Sounds like such a roller coaster ride, emotionally and physically. You'll be close in our hearts all day today especially, and we'll be lifting Shane up to the Healer of all hurts!

    Our love,
    The Srays

  3. Hoping Shane is doing well Susie. Been thinking of you and him. Hugs, Leslie