Monday, May 7, 2012

There's no place like home!

After being in the hospital for just over a week, we are glad to be home!!  Shane had high fevers for only about 24 hours from Tuesday to Wednesday after his heart cath on Monday last week.  They took seven sultures in all with only the second showing any positive action.  But...even though all of this developed while IN the hospital, docs don't take chances with heart kiddos.  Saturday. the VAT team tried three times to put i a PICC line with no success.  However, yesterday they got it in and we came home last night!!  Yay!! Shane has to receive IV antibiotics for 6 weeks to ward off endocarditis----even if he really has no infections---as a precaution.  He currently is wearing a "little" pump and meds on his back which infuse 24/7.  However, we are going to change that so mmommy can administer the meds 4 times daily.  There are pros and cons to both ways.  The cons to the 24/7 method seem to outweigh the more labor intensive method.

24/7 Method Pros:
Change out the meds once a day with one flush and new pump batteries
Have bag will travel

24/7 Method Cons:
always attached to the backpack
backpack with stuff weighs 5 lbs---a fifth of Shane's weight
Stress to both hernia and heart with the extra load
Surgery on hernia Thurs--no carrying of pack..hmmm

Obviously the other straps us to a schedule(4 times a day for 30 min) and more labor intensive med administration BUT it frees Shane to continue improving his walking/running free from a line and the added weight.  He will still put the small med pack in his backpack and run around but that is a fraction of the weight!

And yes...our boy is scheduled for hernia repair this Thursday...his birthday : (.  

Celebrating on Wednesday night!!!!!!!

Making the best of my time in here!

Chillin" and bored!

Sporting my new PICC Apparatus...


  1. Praying for your little guy. He's so sweet, but I guess I don't have to tell you :-)

  2. Oh my goodness. Well, welcome to heart child world!

    We have been so fortunate in the infections dept. but I am just trying to mentally prepare myself. In some ways, I can't wait to get Sallie's heart surgery done, and in other ways I DREAD it.

    Big hugs and prayers friend! Can I just say he looks so AMAZING!!! His color is great and he just looks so much healthier--if even maybe a bit grumpy about his present circumstances (can't say I blame him).

  3. Thank you! Prayer is so appreciated and so necessary! We certainly do not take any of them for granted...God has worked in such marvelous ways

  4. And you are right, Leslie. We are just learning about all of the possible complications etc. that can crop up with heart kids. I understand your momma heart for little Sallie. w eare praying for her even now as her little body and her sweet personality adjust and prepare for the upcoming procedures! She has such a dedicated and loving family...and a loving Father that will see her through : )! you all are such an example to our family...thank you for continuing to uplift and encourage us. BTW, our son, Josiah, is going to Belmont this August to study sound engineering! That means we might have the op to meet you all :)))))!