Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Delay : /

We showed up at 10 and waited an hour only to be told they would not be ready for Shane until about 2 pm..... At least we have an hour reprieve to fill him up with juice!  Praying that Shane stays distracted from food and the juice is good enough for now.  Also praying the other case finishes quickly and they might take Shane earlier than expected.  We do, however, want a doctor who is not tired!  Let you know with an update later!  Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Oh Susie, the dreaded surgery shuffle. I know it all too well. I am praying!!!

    I am hopeful that no new update at this point means he is on his way and you haven't been able to update the blog.

    {{{{Here's a heart hug my friend!}}}}