Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yesterday at 8:40 as the "happy juice" took effect, Shane was feeling sleepy and comfortable. he was carried back for his cath. Pretty quickly we received a call that he was settled with two IVs in his right arm and the cath inserted at the right, and he was doing great. Nurse Cindy called at 9:40 and 10:30 to say things were still well and the docs were get plenty of great pictures of his anatomy!

My devotion for the day was based on 1 John 5:4. "This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith." I needed that! Not that my faith is so great. Ha! However, my God is. That I have learned through experience--He is faithful. Not that every circumstance turns out as we hope but the knowledge that He is with us through them all---never leaving or forsaking us. This is the faith that sustains us! This is what gives us the courage to live---the deep and abiding trust in One that never fails. He is the One that pushes back our enemies...through His name our foes are trampled...He has given us authority to overcome the enemies power. Nothing...nothing can separate us from Christ's love. the hardships, danger, trouble...everything the enemy throws at us! Why? Because He has shown over and over in my life that He is indeed faithful! I needed that reminder as our day began--- I need it each day!

We met with Dr. Lang about 11:45 to talk results---the doctors were encouraged by what they saw and so were we! The placing of the conduit or valve connection from the right ventricle to the pulmonary arteries appeared like it would be a very straight forward procedure. None of the collaterals had to be occluded as they look to be useable(yay!). The set up of the plumbing to the lungs will be the challenging part of the surgery on Monday. The right lung is in pretty good shape---the collaterals had narrowed considerably before reaching their connections either at the pulmonary artery towards the top and towards the bottom of the right lung. There is one large collateral branching off of the aorta(the one that leads to the lower right lung) that will be "detached" and rerouted. Pressures in that right lung are good. Great news!

Now the left lung is not quite as good. The collaterals remained much wider as they reached the left side. In fact the lower left lobe(about 1/4 of the lung) has been blasted for so long with high volumes of blood and no repair, is pretty useless. However, blood flow to the upper portion collaterals can be corrected. Ideally, one wants every bit of both lungs useable but the amount of time it would take to repair the lower left will not likely yield much gain against the risk of prolonging the surgery. Docs will decide once in there what, if anything, can be done in that area. They were thrilled that Shane's O2 levels were true at the mid 80s and the overall pressure was not too high so looks like--hopefully!-- the VSD can be completely closed as well. Again all of this comes with the disclaimer that everything will be done as seems best in surgery.

We are so encouraged : ) and to see the docs encouraged as well makes it all the sweeter!

Shane is doing well this morning. I was a bit nervous and kept checking the cath site and temp last night. One scare happened post-op that made me overly cautious. I had just come back to his room after the cath and rubbing his legs and trying to make sure he didn't move too much. He was still very groggy. The nurse had stepped out of the room and for whatever reason, I took a look at his cath cite. the room was very dim but something didn't look right. the bandage appeared dark and puffy and I realized it was quickly filling with blood. I poked my fingers down for pressure with one hand and pressed the help button with the other. Nurses came running and blood was everywhere. The site had started bleeding again--very common in the first hour or so. Enough to put me on my guard though! Thank you, Jesus!

Next few days will be quiet with pre-op again on Friday for Monday's operation. We'll meet with Dr. Pigulla to hear his plan and details of the surgery and may know more.

Thank you once again for all of your prayers. We feel them! I took pictures, but the light wasn't right so they didn't come out. : ( Sorry. I still need practice taking pics with the IPad.


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  1. So encouraged with you. And thanks for the great reminder of His faithfulness, as we can testify too. Continuing to pray. Love you guys.