Monday, September 17, 2012

Rough Day....for Mom and Dad

Actually, Shane has been doing great. He's making steady progress which is great! His lungs continue to improve and clear.


learning about the woman who gave money and insisted that this area be a resting place for patients and families and not a parking lot way back in the 60's.

We made a trip out to the Prouty Garden in the center of the hospital. It was a beautiful day! However, Shane was out of sorts and upon re-entering the hospital he lost it! He wanted to go home! Well, there is no explaining that to a three year old. So we came back and calmed a bit and got out his train set. Fine as long as the train didn't fall off the track....well that only happened about every 5 seconds so...again meltdowns. Finally back in the bed for some Elmo! That always helps...except if you want to re-watch a part that you cannot convey to mom. Hmmmm. Another meltdown...nurses coming in to see what is wrong and wondering why I'm letting him fuss. Hmmmm. Maybe because it's a tantrum?!? They chalk it up to pain. Granted he did have OHS but this was not pain. Amazingly, he has rarely ever seemed in pain. But okay, give him some meds. Do they have some for tantrums? Then, we are settled for a nap. I knew that would certainly be a good thing. As he was just dozing off, Oops, time for a nebulizer treatment. Shane slept through that 10 minutes but woke when removing the mask. Another scream feat. Dinner didn't even help much. We played in the floor for a bit and then back in the bed. He would certainly be ready to sleep by 7:30....I, uh I mean, he was exhausted! He managed to fight off sleep until 9:30! Whew! One nurse said the steroids can make them irritable. So I hoped it would get better once those were finished. Of course his doctor dashed my hopes saying prolonged use of steroids can do that but not likely for a few days. Hmmmm. In all fairness, I think a lot of Shane's disposition...besides any the fact that the family unit is fractured at this point! all the time he chants "Daddy home", "Livi home", "Lauren home", "...ginia".(Virginia). He really wants to be home!

enjoying the beauty and sunshine!

And then on the home front...Tom tucked Olivia in bed last night and she proceeded to tell him that she didn't love him because he wouldn't let het do what she wanted to do. After talking with her, she told him she "would change her mind tomorrow". Poor Daddy! I told him that has happened to me many times : (. Sadly, that little girl knows exactly how to hurt!

As I fell to sleep last night, I whispered a prayer for Olivia to have a heart of flesh, that the Lord would help us as we parent these two little people and give us wisdom for the task! Want to know what my devotion was this morning? The Lord gave me a blatant reminder of His purpose in our adopting!


“You received the Spirit of adoption.” Ro 8:15 NKJV

The Bible says, “[We] received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, ‘Abba, Father.’ The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ” (vv.15-17 NKJV). Adoptive parents understand what it’s like to have an emptiness in their hearts, to search, to set out on a mission, to take responsibility for a child with a troubled past and an uncertain future. And that’s what God did for you. Knowing full well the trouble you’d be, and what it would cost, He sought you, found you, paid the price for you, took you home, gave you His name and the right to call Him “Abba,” which means “Daddy,” a term of endearment. Adoption isn’t something you earn, it’s a gift you receive. You’d never hear adoptive parents say, “We’d like to adopt little Mary but first we want to know—does she have a house, money for tuition, a ride to school in the morning and clothes to wear every day?” The adoption agency would say, “Hold on, you’re not adopting her because of what she has, but because of what she needs. She needs love, hope, a home and a future.” You don’t earn the Spirit of adoption, you receive it by faith. That’s important, because if you can’t gain it by your stellar efforts, you can’t lose it through your poor performance. How reassuring! And it gets better; you’re an “heir” to all your Father owns. That means you’ll never have a need He cannot or will not meet. How good is that?

(emphasis mine!)

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Thank you, Lord, for the reminder of all you have done for me...even when---especially when---I show "poor performance"!

He insisted on holding my hand as he finally fell to sleep! There is a message there, too, isn't there, Lord?



  1. Susie,been following your blog just this week. Keeping Shane and your family in prayer to get through the emotional side of your hospital stay. We just finished a week at Children' s as well, having a VEPTR installed in the back and a body cast,iit can be long, hard and frustrating but God stayed near.
    Sorry,, I had to laugh when they insisted on more meds,when it was a tantrum!
    Hoping for a speedy discharge.

    1. Wow, Jo! Your little one has had a rough go...glad she is doing well! She reminds me of our 4y/o with the tools! Thanks for the encouragement: ) The folks at Children's were wonderful. A great experience overall!