Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Success--Shane is out of Surgery and in Recovery

@ 3:30 pm notified that they had taken Shane off the Heart-Lung Machine and they were finishing up the surgery.

@ 4:15 pm we met with Dr Pigula...he is very happy with the surgery...they fully closed the VSD- hole between the ventricles. Conduit in place with valve and the collaterals relocated. Pulmonary pressure was acceptable. We thought of a lot of questions but decided to give the Doctor a rest until tomorrow...he looked tired but encouraged by the results of his and his team's work. It also helps when God is on your team.

@ 5:20 pm, Susie allowed to go back to Cardiac ICU to see Shane. Olivia and I get to wait back in the family room--only 2 people allowed to visit including children. So we wait as she entertains a 3 year old boy with the play toys...she definitely has a gift of befriending other children.

Thank you all for all your prayers....we have witnessed God's amazing grace and mercy. We serve a mighty God and we see his finger prints all over the details of this amazing journey for Shane and the rest of our family. We will update you as we have additional details. For now we expect Shane to stay in the Hospital 5 to 7 days followed by 5 to 7 days out patient before we return to Chesapeake.

These are not pictures for the faint of heart. Shane is in very capable hands...many doctors and nurses are carefully monitoring him. However, the next 24 hours are very critical! Please continue to pray: specifically that Shane's systems stabilize, that his heart rate will fall more toward the normal range, that the bleeding(which is normal post op) will cease, that his heart also adjusts with no arrhythmia, and that he feels the presence of the Lord all around!


Thank you again for lifting our little boy up before the Lord!



  1. I'm so so so HAPPY he went thru OK. Was thinking of you and watching your blog all day. We'll be praying everything will be fine from now on. Love you, miss you. Take some rest, hugs and kisses - Simona

  2. You are all in my prayers. Mom and Dad said to say hello and that they are praying as well. You are an amazing family! May God bless all of you. We miss you guys.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Say hello for your folks for us. God bless

  3. Tom, Susie, and gang--we continue to pray hard for Shane. Praying for you as well. What a journey, Shane is so blessed to have you as parents.

  4. OK, I am so thankful! I commented earlier on my phone but I don't see it! Wanted to be sure you know I read this and am just so very thankful!

    Yes, the photos are particularly difficult for me at the moment. OTOH, I am so grateful for the amazing medical care we have access to here in the US.

    Please update us when you can. We're going to assume no news is GOOD NEWS!!!

    Blessings and Prayers Continuing from TN.