Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pre Op and Surgery Time

Friday we went through a shorter version of last week's pre-op. We were able to sit down with several different doctors including Dr. Lang, Shane's cardiac case manager, and his surgeon, Dr. Pigulla. We are still hearing encouraging things with respect to his anatomy which is good! Dr. Lang mentioned that the initial report they saw for Shane was not encouraging----Chinese orphan, no intervention with the defects he presented; it often means a difficult repair(if repairable) with unpredictable outcomes. Does this mean it will be easy? No but more straightforward perhaps. and with the data that they have gathered, at least, the doctors feel as knowledgeable as they can be before heading into surgery .

Shane has a show time of 6 am on Monday and approximate start time of 7:30. We were told to expect the surgery to last 5-6 hours and then close monitoring for 2 hours before we see him. We were warned that Shane will have much "help" afterward. He will have a ventilator, possible help keeping the heart beating, many tubes and wires. He will be kept asleep at least 24 hours as his body adjusts and settles.

If all goes well, Shane will be hospitalized for 5-7 days and staying local for another week. That would be wonderful! Up until now, I've tried to separate my feelings from this whole procedure! It is hard to think of the intricate work these medical folks will be doing on our little boy and yet we are at peace knowing he needs this and this is the time and place God has ordained to begin his healing! We just are ready to get it done!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Shane and his doctors!

and a BIG thank you to the S family for caring for our home and especially our sweet Lauren! We miss you, Lauren! Hugs and kisses!


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  1. So glad for such good report! Thankful for a great God who has gone before you. Love to all.