Thursday, September 6, 2012

He Sees It All

While we wait for Shane's surgery, we are staying at a lovely old Boston home that has been converted into a "home away from home" for families needing local medical care. It is a beautiful place. Much thought has gone into making this place special. Once inside though one finds what truly makes this place special...the families that reside here.  As we have come to know them we see their deep love and sacrifice for their little ones. As we await Shane's heart surgery on Monday, I cannot help but feel that compared to us, many of these families are carrying much heavier longterm burdens. Please hold them up in prayer...

a 6 month old is having strokes...wisdom is needed
a one year old and his 3 week old sibling have a very rare blood disorder...a medical breakthrough
a 14 y/o here for a year needs kidneys...intervention and strength
a family from Europe has been here almost 5 months...strength
an 11 y/o needs an experimental drug to help her swallow normally and is here every 6 weeks...a miracle
a 6 y/o having her 13th operation...stamina and grace

All need hope!

the list goes understand what I 'm saying?
These families sacrifice everyday for the sake of their little ones. This is love!  Yes, pray!
Pray that Tom and I will be the eyes,ears,hands,and feet of Jesus here. As I know we are here for such a time as this...for Shane...for whatever the Lord wants of us!

Let those that sow in tears, reap with songs of joy!

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