Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chest Tubes & All But One IV--Starting to Look Normal

Last night was a rough night for Shane...not sure Shane or Susie got much rest. I apologize for I really don't have the details. I finally got Susie to take a break @ 11 am this morning and we barely got to speak for 2 mins. The nurses were about to take out his two chest tubes and I needed to get in the room before it started. Since Shane is still assigned to the CICU, we are only allowed 2 visitors to the room including Olivia. Unfortunately, that means Susie and I have never been in the room with Shane at the same time. That will change once he is finally moved to a regular hospital room. Susie and Olivia headed out for some food and fun outside of the Hospital. Hanging out in the waiting room is no place for a 4 year old.


Shane watching Elmo
As for Shane, he looks good. Still laboring some to breath so when he sleeps they pump up the oxygen. Susie said that they also stuck a tube down his throat twice to help clear some of the junk in his lungs...he is still congested. I did observe the chest tube removal. First they gave him some pain medicine followed by the both tubes being pulled out together very quickly. The nurses said that we should see his comfort level increase as the day goes forward. These tubes reach from his tummy almost to his shoulders and apparently are very uncomfortable and can interfere with their breathing. His came out easy. He is talking some....for me it mostly asking for Susie and Olivia. Fortunately he did not cry for her like her usually does--I believe the meds were the big factor. After the removal I gave him a toy and turned on his favorite show--Elmo. The IPAD is a wonderful media tool. By the end of the show he was ready for a nap and I took the opportunity to BLOG.

God is so is amazing how quickly a heart patient can recover after so much trauma. Thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement.



  1. Tom and Susie you make a wonderful team!! I'm so glad you could both be there to help Shane. Continuing to pray for quick healing. Love you guys.

  2. Kid's are amazing in how they can recover so quickly. God is amazing in his love and care for little Shane. We will continue to pray for a good recovery and more good reports.

  3. So thankful for this amazing update!!! Bless his heart he wants his Mommy (as it should be!!!). You as usual are doing a great job blogging Tom! Thanks for keeping us informed so we can keep praying and PRAISING God for such a great report today.

    The chest tubes are so painful I have been told by teenage cardiac patients at our Children's hospital. I can only imagine. They are not small as you now know. But them coming out is a HUGE step closer to home.

    He still looks so great. Children are so resilient and are such great little patients. I am glad he had some Elmo time and time with his Daddy. And sounds like Olivia is being a trooper too. Lot for a little girl to take in.

    Blessings and Prayers Continuing from TN.

  4. He looks so much better! Thanks for the update. Praying for Shane's recovery and strenght for you and Susie. God bless you. Love you.

  5. Children are amazing and God is so good. I'm glad he's doing well.