Friday, September 21, 2012

the Blessing of the House

The Yawkey
I'm sure Tom posted about this place earlier, but I had to re-emphasize what a blessing the Yawkey Family Inn has been to us. If one must be away from home, this is a wonderful place to be. This beautiful old Boston home has been carefully converted to accommodate families with medical needs. It has three stories plus a basement and about 38 rooms. All of the rooms are structured to accomodate families of all sizes from 2 to 8 guests, at least--- all spacious. Each floor has at least 3 bathrooms and several rooms have an on-suite---for those that medically need a bath in their room. I thought that sharing a bath would be awful, but honestly it has been fine--- just make sure you bring your room key ; ).

Lovely Detailing!
There is a common area with a very large playroom, a large sitting area, a reading room, and a HUGE, well-stocked eat-in kitchen. You are free to cook anytime... There is fridge and freezer space for each room and commercial washers and dryers for use as well. An elevator gives easy access to all areas of the house.

Loving on a memorial of Bert, a beloved therapy dog.
There are playgrounds, grocery and drug stores, local restaurants, the "T" stop, and hospitals located all within a half mile or so. Yet the home is on a lovely suburban.looking street.

What makes the house a home!
Volunteers come in often. Some come and prepare a meal for all of the residents. Sorority sisters arrive unexpectedly to bake some goodies. Others, like Amanda, a high school senior, comes on a regular basis to bake with the children. She came last night to help them make a " summer" cake--- celebrating the end of summer and arrival of fall. Still others have painted lovely artwork which is everywhere--- down the halls, in common rooms, and even in each suite. A young family with two small boys makes this their permanent home and manage this place---can you imagine the lessons their children are learning?

But, overwhelming, it is obvious that LOVE built this house. LOVE maintains it! And the residents? Well, let's just say that we become family! A community. I believe community in the way God intended all of us to live. Living beyond ourselves and serving others. Living in reliance on others God has brought along side of us in our life journey. Beautiful! Not necessarily perfect, mind you. But, beautiful!

Home is here...for now!


  1. What a special place you have! Thanks for sharing about this home. It's wonderful that so many volunteers help out to make it a special place, and I'm thankful you aren't "alone" while you're there. Give Shane a hug for me. Continuing to pray for his healing. Love you dear friend.

    1. Thanks Shary! I will! Hope you are still around when we return home. : )

  2. Praying for all of you as your little guy continues to heal.