Monday, September 10, 2012

Postponed Again--now we show-up on Tues @ 7 am

Well it has been a long day. We showed up at 10 am as planned. From there we went into a series of delays. Finally at 4 pm today we were told that our surgeon was still in surgery with the first operation of the day? Therefore we are now the first surgery of the day for tomorrow with a showtime of 7 am. It was a little frustrating...Shane had not had any food since 9 pm last night. He actually handled it very well. We were at least able to get them to give us some clear fluids (juice) to keep him comfortable. We are now back out the Yawkey Family House tanking Shane up for tomorrow. All your prayers are greatly appreciated. Hopefully, the surgeons will be rested and ready for Shane tomorrow.

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  1. Oh Susie. What a disappointing day. :( I am so sorry. As you know, we just went through a cancellation but we were still home and had not fasted yet ... and it wasn't for open-heart surgery. There is just nothing like getting your game face on for that.

    I wish I could come and give you a big hug and listen. Know I'm praying.

    You've seen my simple reminder:

    Pray. Trust. Hope. Repeat.

    No pun intended, but how applicable for you especially tonight! Will be praying and checking in. Please tell Shane we are cheering him on from TN!