Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two Steps step back

September 19th is a day to celebrate! Shane has been our son for 6 months!!! And come so far during that time. However, we spent much of it in the ER :  /

The  first night out of the hospital was a restless one.  Shane just couldn't get comfortable. He seemed to breathing faster and harder.  By 4 am, I decided to give him a nebulizer treatment and so Shane decided it was time to get up, too.  Since we were going to have to move hotels, I thought it best to pack up everything...looked like we'd be going back over to the hospital for a check if the breathing didn't improve.  By 6:15' things clearly had not gotten better...maybe worse so off to the ER we went : (. A not-so-fun way to spend 7 hours!

As I expected would happen, Shane is back on steroids to reduce swelling in his airways and regular breathing treatments.  This would hopefully keep us out of being admitted.  Apparently, Shane has a "friction" rub--- there is a fancy word for it---but is heart and lungs rub slightly(due to swelling from surgery plus Shane has a by small chest cavity.  The friction produces fluid overtime as a reaction which Shane's new X-ray showed.  The breathing problem ( not related to the fluid) is still likely a post-surgical issue that will resolve overtime.  Separate issues but each causing rapid and labored respiration.  However, we have a schedule now---- 8,12,4,8,12,4 .  Neb treatments at all of them, Lasix, steroids and Motrin on the 8s, Baby Aspirin at night and another dose of Motrin somewhere in the middle.  The nighttime treatments are a bit rough but otherwise all is doable!

Happily this morning Shane was more like himself....still some breathing issues but not distress! Trusting things improve even by the hour!

Praying that swelling goes down quickly, fluid goes away and the airways open and adjust!  Our follow-up is Wednesday, September 26th. hoping we will get the "all clear" to go home.  We sure are missing home!

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  1. Just wanted to stop in to let you know I'm praying for Shane and for all of you. I know this must be a stressful time, but praying for peace for you.