Friday, September 14, 2012

Challenging Day

Shane woke up breathing better and with a smile. we started the day with chest X-ray , EKG and blood work( which I might add he did not cry). All looked good even the xray which showed improvement in his "stunned diaphragm. Though his eating wasn't that great, as the day progressed, he became punky and breathing was harder. Even after napping, no improvement with his demeanor or eating. He didn't talk much and still seemed to have trouble breathing. earning off O2 was stopped and ramped back up.

By late afternoon, Shane clearly was having trouble breathing and could not get comfortable. He was now wheezing a good bit. So the doctors devised a plan of nebulizer treatments and doses of steroids to decrease the airway swelling to bring him relief. About 9:30 pm, Shane was feeling better, talking a little, eating some strawberries, and even helping hold the nebulizer...the same one he screamed with only a short time before. Finally he settled down to sleep. He sounds some better but still a ways to go. Praying the lungs respond and then we can move on to healing and weaning from O2.

Also today Tom and Olivia traveled back one so Shane and I are a solo team now. We are really missing them. That is hard!


The bright spot in our rough day was the arrival of a Balloon Bouquet from Tom's co-workers! Shane was very excited. I know he will have so much fun with them as he begins to feel more like playing! thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement! I cannot begin to tell you how very much it means to our family : ) We are blessed!




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